A Tiny Bird That Fell From The NestAnimal World
Woman Raises A Tiny Bird That Fell From The Nest
  Susan Simon noticed something pink in her backyard in the morning while heading to the gym. She realized that it was a baby bird when she approached it.
A Dog ConfusedAnimal World
A Dog Confused Everyone By Wearing A Cone
Chief is already a 1 year old dog but he still acts as a puppy. If there is a chance of mischief or adventure, Chief will find it every time.
A Dog SavedAnimal World
A Dog Saved His Owner’s Life By Keeping Him Warm
A Dog Saved His Owner’s Couple of months ago, a young mountaineer got an injury when he was 5.600 feet up the mount Velebit. The injury was a result of
Crow FamilyAnimal World
How Crow Family Showed Gratitude
When Tango Steinke moved into her new house in Virginia, she discovered her rather unusual neighbors. A pair of crows, whom she named Doc and Dottie, built
Emma Thompson met Baby Fox wasAnimal World
Baby Fox Sneaks Into A Woman’s Backyard Daily
  The first time Emma Thompson met Foxy was when it was trying to sneak into her house through the broken cat door. Baby Fox realized that the woman