Carlos offered his car as a reward to anyone who brings his dog back

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Carlos the dedicated owner offers his car as a compensation for his dog

Carlos Quiroga felt devastated when he lost Falucho, his lovely dog and best friend. His father had given his son, Carlos, the dog when Falucho was only a puppy and 39 days old. From that moment on, the two had become inseparable.

The night Falucho disappeared without a trace was a very difficult moment for Carlos. He, of course, would do everything he could do to find him. In fact, the young man decided to offer his car as a reward to anyone who found his dog.

Since Falucho had been a gift from his father years ago, therefore, the dog, was a symbol of love. It was the same love that binds a father to his son. The two had lived a thousand adventures together and also many sorrows. Especially, when Carlos’ father, or the man who had brought them together and helped create their great friendship, unfortunately, died. He left his son and the dog alone, but at least together. Falucho, therefore, was a “living memory” of the love that Carlos felt for his father.

Unfortunately, for him so much time passed before he could once again embrace Falucho, his beloved furry friend. In the end, when all hope seemed lost, Carlos received the news he had been waiting for. Falucho was well and would soon return to him. Perhaps his late father had listened to his prayers because a man named José Acosta contacted Carlos to report that he had found his dog – three days before the New Year 2020!

The thief stole and took away Falucho from Carlos, it took him to travel over 62 miles (100 km) to finally hug his dog again. Carlos says that he has not been able to find the person responsible for such a cruel gesture and hopes he never finds him!

The man who found his dog, José Acosta, had been struck by the sad story of Falucho’s loss and when he accidentally found him, he took care of the dog until he was able to contact Carlos. The man could have received Carlos’s generous reward, but he said that he did not want anything in return.

The most important thing was that the two were together again and the man said that he was not interested in receiving Carlos’s car as a reward!

A beautiful story of friendship with a happy ending — and a wonderful demonstration that small miracles do happen!

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