Locals Help Baby Otter Find His Family

When a baby otter was separated from his family Animal World

The Baby Otter Could Not Find His Family, Until Volunteers Joined To Help Him Look For Them

When a group of volunteers in Singapore found the baby Otter, he had already left his home for probably two days. He was very weak and tired. Most likely, he lost his family, and instead of waiting for them in the den, started to stress out and left their home to look for them. He already was too far from home to have some hope to find them. And he was getting weary and hungry. The volunteers found him just in time.

Firstly, they took him in and gave him some milk. The baby was finally being taken care of by someone. In no time, he started to trust these people. He could feel they were treating him nicely. They gave him a warm blanket to feel more comfortable. Next, the group set off to help the baby find his family. They knew there were otters living on the side of the lake, so that was the first place to go.

The group did not see the otters at first, but they did not lose their hope. They continued walking around the lake until they spotter a group of them. The otters were not too far from them. They put the baby on the ground, and left, letting the otter family spot their young one.

When the volunteers left the baby alone, he started to cry and look around. He thought he was abandoned. But the volunteers were there, looking at him. And his cries put the otter family on the right direction. They came directly to him, and took him with them.

The volunteers were so happy to witness the scene.

The family for sure had missed their kid. They cuddled him, and made sure he was alright. In only several minutes, the volunteers could see the baby join his siblings and play with them. Finally, the baby otter was back home.

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