Woman Saved Horse’s Life, Then The Horse Saved Her Life In Return

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Horse Saved Her Life, Horse’s Compassion Towards His Family Saved His Owner’s Life

Huckleberry is a horse that used to be on a list of “unwanted horses” that the farmers had no idea what to do with. He used to be skinny, lacked energy, and people thought he was not capable of being helpful in any way. His only way out was to find a new family that would adopt him despite him being the way he was. And there appeared Lauren. She and her family volunteered to take Huckleberry in immediately.

The horse has lived with them for years. In some way, the family saw him grow up. They know his personality quite well. Huckleberry is the sweetest and silliest horse ever. Lauren likes to say that he does not behave like a horse. He is like a silly baby who likes to joke around and have fun all day.

Lauren tells about how Huckleberry likes to play with yoga balls. Once he tore apart one. He then took the remnants of it and started to twirl them in the air. Huck was so happy doing it. He liked being creative with it and felt so proud of himself.

But there was one incident after which the family got to know Huckleberry’s personality better. One day, as Lauren was taking a ride with him. The neighbor dogs started to disturb the horse, and bark at him. Huckleberry got scared and started to panic. As a result, Lauren fell. She fractured her skull and broke her nose.

Horse Saved Her Life Huckleberry immediately started to feel sad and sorry for that.

That day, he did not behave like usual. He was not as silly and cheerful as always. Instead, he ran to Lauren’s husband, who saw Huckleberry’s unusual behavior, and realized something happened. He managed to get help on time.

After months of recovery, Lauren is now riding her horse like before Horse Saved Her Life. She tells that the accident made them discover one very special personality trait in Huckleberry. He was extremely emotional. And most importantly, he was so compassionate towards his family.

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