Parrot With The Name Stella Appeared To Be Male

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Woman Realized Her Parrot Was Male After Having Him For Months

Morgan named her parrot pet Stella because she has always assumed that he was a girl. Later she found out that male ringneck parrots don’t grow a red feather ring around their necks until they are nearly two years old. The ring appeared on his neck, a year after Morgan stated fostering him, pointing out that he was indeed a male. Morgan said, that she decided not to change the name since it seemed like the bird actually liked it and he already got used to it.

Morgan got Stella during the summer of 2015, from a breeder that was keeping the birds in fish tanks. Luckily they are not raising birds anymore as most of them were not in a good condition.

It took Stella a good amount of time until she finally got comfortable around people. It took him about a year to even let Morgan touch him. Now that he feels safe, his personality is really starting to come out. He kind of runs the house now, what Stella wants, Stella gets. He is usually very loud, but sometimes when he gets rather quiet, Morgan already knows that he is up to no good. Stella can destroy Morgan’s textbooks, or all of a sudden start eating dirt out of the flowerpots.

Ringneck parrots are very good at mimicking human speech and Stella is no exception. His current wordlist is “Morgan”, “good girl”, “pickle”, “peekaboo”, “whacha doing” and “huh”. He always says “ouch” after he bites people and he says “who are you” to new people that come in. Stella is also able to mimic the sound of a phone alarm. He makes a sound so similar to it, that Morgan sometimes thinks that it’s her phone.

Stella is currently 7 years old while the expected lifespan is 30 years. Morgan says that she would love to have Stella for the next 25 years.
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