The Kangaroo In Socks

Red kangaroos are the largest species of kangaroo Animal World

Sanctuary Staff Gave The Kangaroo The Most Colorful Socks

After the Australian wildfires, Wally was the last baby kangaroo saved by the Kangala Kangaroo and Wildlife Sanctuary. They found him all by himself in the bushes. He had burns on his legs that did not allow him go far. Wally was terrified to see people approach him. But soon, he came to trust them, and allowed them to take him under their care. During the entire car ride, the staff was holding Wally who was covered in a soft blanket. It made him feel a bit more safe.

In the sanctuary, Wally immediately became the cutest joey ever. He needed to adjust to wearing bandages with socks over them to protect his feet. The stuff members made sure to give him the most colorful ones to cheer him up. They also gave him a lot of toys that he could hold not to feel very lonely. The staff liked to take pictures of him with his toys in his hands.

For Wally, it was too risky to be outside, since he would get his bandages all wet and muddy. That too, might create a lot of anxiety for him. But the staff did everything to keep him entertained, even when he stayed inside. They needed to come up with a lot of games to gain his attention and keep him busy.

Soon, he was more confident in walking around. He became more independent. That was when the staff decided he was ready to meet some friends. He started to spend more time with Blue. They did not want to leave each other’s side for a minute. This relationship for sure had its positive impact on both of them, as kangaroos are by nature social creatures.

Wally’s friendship helped him a lot when he joined a group of adult kangaroos in the sanctuary. Here, he would already feel like in the wild. Hopefully, he will go back to his natural home very soon.

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