Two Brothers Rescue An Injured Cat

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Two Brothers Wanted To Rescue A Cat, But Ended Up Adopting

While returning home from his workplace, Ryan noticed an unfamiliar kitten laying on his porch. Later, he found out that his younger brother found her in the parking lot and brought her home to help her. She was visibly injured. For a moment Ryan just sat there with the cat, petting and trying to comfort her.Two Brothers.

The brothers gave her a bath and cut off all of her matted fur. Even though now the kitten looked nice and clean, Ryan still hesitated to let her into the house. They were not sure yet whether she had any sicknesses or diseases that she could spread to their own cats.

For the first few days they kept her outside. But still, really close to the house. They gave her a bunch of blankets and one of their cats’ beds.

The kitten, whom they named Izzy, got the best care at a veterinary hospital in San Francisco. After running several tests on her, the vets confidently said that she was completely healthy. But they advised the brothers to quarantine her for a few days. They kept her in the bathroom, separated from the other pets for a while. When they let her outside, she started acting like she already owned the place. As if she had been living in that house forever.

Ryan says that when they first got Izzy, they were thinking of fostering her until they find her a forever family. But he and his family started to get attached to the kitten, and somehow it felt wrong to give her away after showing her all that love.

Izzy is very friendly. She loves playing with her toys and cuddling with Ryan. She is the first one to greet him when he gets home, and the first one to notice him coming from the window. Ryan says that to him, Izzy is more than just a pet, she is a friend.

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