percyAnimal World
Percy the lizard loves traveling with his mom and make her happy
Percy, the bearded dragon always knows how to make his owner happy A teenager bought a bearded dragon, later named Percy, for herself, but she later realized
Wild babies are appearingInteresting
Wild babies are appearing near suburban homes they have a message
Wild babies abandoned outside have a special message Spring is in the air. Flowers are poking up through the soil, and many animals have begun adding new
O'Barry used to hunt dolphinsAnimal World
O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter dedicates his life to saving dolphins: an amazing story
O’Barry used to hunt dolphins, but now he does everything he can to release them back into the wild Rick O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter
Unpredictable and amazing friendshipInteresting
Unpredictable and amazing friendship: tiger, bear and a lion are friends for life
The unpredictable bond between these wild animals amazed everyone Animals often amaze us, showing unpredictability and great loyalty and sensitivity.
brave borderAnimal World
The brave border collie saved the owner’s flock of sheep from a bushfire
The brave Patsy became popular as she did hard work to save a flock of sheep This story is about a heroic female collie. The brave dog rounded up a flock
He knew that the duckling was definitely too youngAnimal World
Duckling sings with his owner and helps him record new music tracks
The duckling is best friends with the man that rescued her. When James Davis looked out of his window one morning, he saw a little duckling across the street.
Of Austrian descent, this tourist had just returned from her vacation in Croatia.Animal World
Tourist returns from vacation and finds 18 scorpions in her suitcase: scary scene
Tourist felt surprised when she saw a family of scorpions in her bag Every tourist chooses the holiday they prefer and most, when they need to return home
Fish turned out to be red only after changing his aquariumAnimal World
Fish turned out to be red only after changing his aquarium: a crazy story
The fish turned muddy brown living in a tiny jar Jess was a teenager when she got her first fish. It was a brown betta fish, who she named Spicy.
Top-6 Guy checks security camera to find out who attackedInteresting
Guy checks security camera to find out who attacked his inflatable reindeer
Guy found out who ruined his Christmas decorations It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the guy place on the shore of Lake Tahoe.
Baby raccoon walks into the fox denInteresting
Baby raccoon walks into the fox den, where he was not welcome
Baby raccoon’s adventurous personality brings him to the fox den Dan works at the Texas Wildlife Sanctuary and had a chance to witness something very unusual.
The story of Rocco who had a bad familyAnimal World
The story of Rocco who had a bad family and was abandoned
The story is about Rocco: his family left him as they were going to have a baby When we decide to adopt a dog, we must understand the implications of this
Survivor from whale attack tells.Animal World
Survivor from whale attack tells about his experience
Survivor tells about how it feels to get out from whale’s mouth Most of us know the story of Pinocchio. The puppet child during his numerous adventures
Woman spots 4Animal World
Woman spots 4 bears passing the street: she was amazed
Woman spots entire wild family casually strolling down her street In Kodiak, Alaska, locals know that there’s abundant wildlife thriving in the spectacular
Petey was hiding in the womanAnimal World
Petey was hiding in the woman’s garden: a lifesaving decision
Petey the pup was under the woman’s tree and she made a really hard decision Petey was hiding under a tree when a Good Samaritan spotted him for
The guy accidentallyAnimal World
The guy accidentally captured a mystical bird
The guy was in his homeland and took some amazing photos on his phone When Brendan Lang was home visiting his family in New Zealand with his partner.