The Storm Made The Dog Appear In The Woods

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After The Storm, People Started To See A Dog In The Nearby Woods

After the storm in Louisiana, people started to notice a big white dog on the side of the river, hiding in behind the trees. They were afraid the dog would harm them, so they called different rescued centers to come trap the dog. The Compassion Kind Foundation took the initiative, and volunteer to come.

There were several staff members and the founder, Aja, who came to the river. As soon as they spotted the dog, they placed the cage somewhere near him, and left. They wanted to observe the dog from afar, so they would not disturb him. But hours passed, the dog did not walk into the cage. Then, they saw him taking the treats that they had placed in the cage and taking them to eat somewhere else. The dog appeared to be smarter than they thought. Aja realized that there was no way to fool him into the cage, so they needed a different plan.

Aja decided to do the work on her own. Instead of using cages and tricks, she decided to gain the dog’s trust to come with them. The woman approached the dog, and started talking to him. For several hours, she was trying to make friends with him. Finally it started to work out. When the dog allowed her to pet him, the woman decided it was the time, and carried him all the way to their car.

When they got to the shelter, the dog appeared to have no microchip. No one responded to the number of social media posts they made about finding his owners. So now, he is in the process of finding a new family. Since the dog has been staying at the shelter for a while, Aja came to know his personality, and knows what kind of a family would fit him the best.

The dog seems to have lived in a very chaotic environment. And the storm on top of it affected his mental health as well. Now, it would be best for him to live in a family that is very supportive, and will not leave him alone for long.

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