Man Found The Predator That Had Been Harming His Birds

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Man Does Not Allow The Fox Disturb His Birds

Andrew chose to live on the countryside to be closer to the nature. He has a number of animals in his farm, as well as birds such as ducks and chickens.Man Along with animals of his own, Andrew truly cherishes the other birds and animals that live nearby. As his house is near the lake, he might even sometimes see swans with their babies. Animals do make a big part of Andrew’s life.

During summer, Andrew is able to see a number of different species of birds visiting his farm, or the lake. But this summer was different. There were too few of them. It was a bit suspicious. But is was not all. Soon, Andrew started to find dead bodies of ducks in the area. And after, his own birds started to die. They were killed. And their number increased each day. Andrew knew a predator had appeared in the area. But who was it?

Andrew’s efforts to track the predator in the woods did not succeed. But one morning, as he was having a cup of tea in his backyard, he heard his ducks screaming. He knew they were in trouble, and he rushed to see what the matter was. Andrew knew this was his chance to spot the predator, and he did not want to miss it.

When he came to the wooden house where his ducks lived, he could spot the fox’s tail. That was not a good sign. He knew he needed to take the birds out of the enclosure as fast as he could, and he did. Now the birds were all safe. But the fox was still hiding there. Andrew came up with several plans on how to get the fox into the cage, so he could take him into the wild again. Only after several hours, he succeeded.

He put the fox into his car, and drove to the other side of the canal. This way, the fox would no longer harm his birds. When they reached, the fox was so happy to be in the wild again. He could not wait to jump out of the cage and run into the bushes that he missed so much.

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