A woman walks down the street followed by the diversity of animals

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A woman made her fairy tale with her animals

If you see this scene you may think that this is an excerpt from the movie or a daydream. One day a Turkish woman captured this incredible and curious scene and published in 2017. It immediately made the rounds of the web. How would you react if on the street you met the reincarnation of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn?

In the famous tale by the Brothers Grimm, the Pied Piper managed to gather to himself all the rats that had invaded the village of Hamelin in Germany thanks to the hypnotic power of his musical instrument, freeing the citizens from these pests. Sure, in this case we are not facing an identical scene, there is no pipe. However, the woman has been around the web thanks to the short video that she posted on her Twitter profile. The woman’s name is Dilana Ilterand. She said she noticed a mysterious woman on the street who was followed by animals of all kinds. In the crowd created by the woman, there were two dogs, some cats and many birds.

In reality there is no supernatural element to this story, simply that the mysterious woman every two days went down to the streets of Istanbul to feed all the stray animals in the area; after publishing the “fairytale” scene on her Twitter profile, Dilana said: “When I saw her walking like that I thought she was a sorceress or something similar, then my mother told me that every two days she feeds all stray animals in the area. This scene amazed me so much, it was really so poetic! I couldn’t come and talk to you, but we will meet again, super woman! ”

What apparently seemed an act of magic or some occult power, was in reality was a real act of love and generosity towards all less fortunate living beings: this shy and mysterious woman who gathered the dogs, the cats and birds of the area in her train was just a benefactress with a heart of gold who seemed straight out of a fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm.

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