Dog Was Not Able To Eat Without His Special Chair

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Dog Who Underwent Surgery No Longer Needs His Special Chair 

Griffin feels like a king in the house, because he has his own chair that looks like a throne. The thing is that he has a disease that makes it hard for him to digest food. The only way the food he eat actually reaches his stomach is when he eats it standing in an upright position. That is why his foster family created his throne-like support chair, which he adores.

Nicole, his foster mom, had had him for months thinking that the dog would have to live with his disease for the rest of his life. That created a lot of problems finding a forever family for him. But after a lot of research, she figured there might be a way out. Griffin would need a surgery.

Nicole contacted a hospital and found a doctor for him. When it was already the day of the surgery, Nicole was very worried. However, Griffin’s positivity would not let her stress too much. After a couple of hours, Nicole finally was informed that the surgery went well. It was a great relief.

Now, Nicole was able to start looking for a forever family for Griffin. At the same time, she needed to help him adjust to the new way of eating. Griffin still needed to eat from some elevated surface. But he no longer needed his favorite chair. Gradually, he would start taking meals in a regular way.

Once Nicole posted about looking for a family for Griffin, it took only several hours for Kathrine and Peter to show up. They absolutely fell in love with the dog. But what is more important, Griffin was more than excited to greet them. Now, Griffin has been living with them for months. He is very lucky to have a family that is so caring towards him and puts all effort into making every one of his days special.

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