Huge Lizard untangledAnimal World
Huge lizard got caught in the net: the man did his best to help
Huge Lizard untangled himself from the net thanks to a man It was a summer evening in Goa, India when the locals heard the screams of a huge lizard.
percyAnimal World
Percy the lizard loves traveling with his mom and make her happy
Percy, the bearded dragon always knows how to make his owner happy A teenager bought a bearded dragon, later named Percy, for herself, but she later realized
The neighborhood did its bestAnimal World
Neighborhood works to help the kangaroo and ends up saving 2 live
The neighborhood did its best to save the helpless kangaroo Recently, a man named Erwin, a neighborhood resident, noticed an unlikely visitor wandering
Rain is all this duckling needs for happinessAnimal World
Rain is all this duckling needs for happiness: an amazing scene
Rain is the only thing that can make the baby duckling happy  Cheerio is a very special duckling. He appeared in the Here With Us Farm Sanctuary from the
Kayakers help the deer strugglingAnimal World
Kayakers help the deer struggling in the waves: a heroic action
Kayakers help the deer safely reach the shore The Perry is a family of kayakers who had been out kayaking in the nearby lake. They could have never thought
Python found himselfAnimal World
Python found himself the perfect spot for taking naps
Python was upset because people disturbed his sleep on their bed This giant python was just trying to take a peaceful nap, but apparently, the family
GoatAnimal World
Goat breaks into the house by breaking the window
Goat welcomed himself into the family’s house when everyone was away It started out as the most ordinary day for Lucas, but when he came back from
Librarian spots a sleepy little animalAnimal World
Librarian was amazed by noticing a bat curled up with the books
Librarian spots a sleepy little animal curled up with the books In May, a librarian at Camas Public Library was shelving books when she came across somebody
Dave Fleishman sets up cameraAnimal World
Dave Fleishman sets up camera under deck: he discovered why his dogs were worried
Dave Fleishman noticed his dogs sniffing under his back deck and he found out something so curious It all started when Dave Fleishman, the dog’
FloridiaAnimal World
Floridia and her rescue team finally caught the cow: there was a hidden surprise
Floridia and her team did their best to catch the cow and it was worth it For four months, a unique Long Island resident made a home for herself in the
O'Barry used to hunt dolphinsAnimal World
O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter dedicates his life to saving dolphins: an amazing story
O’Barry used to hunt dolphins, but now he does everything he can to release them back into the wild Rick O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter
brave borderAnimal World
The brave border collie saved the owner’s flock of sheep from a bushfire
The brave Patsy became popular as she did hard work to save a flock of sheep This story is about a heroic female collie. The brave dog rounded up a flock
Julie and Nala's owner Cassie MillerAnimal World
Julie finds an unfamiliar dog in her house: something interesting is going to happen
Julie and her family have an unexpected guest A few weeks ago, Julie Thorton Johnson woke up in the morning to something quite unusual. In the bed, right
A wild turkey with the name PepperAnimal World
A wild turkey makes a human build her a coop
A wild turkey just adores her new home which feels like a palace to her. A wild turkey name Pepper surprised everyone with her friendliness.
The pig and the tortoise sharedAnimal World
The pig and the tortoise form an unexpected friendship
The pig and the tortoise shared their everyday Kristen is a former animal rehabber who now owns a little farm which is a home for her three pigs and a