FloridiaAnimal World
Floridia and her rescue team finally caught the cow: there was a hidden surprise
Floridia and her team did their best to catch the cow and it was worth it For four months, a unique Long Island resident made a home for herself in the
used to hunt dolphinsAnimal World
O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter dedicates his life to saving dolphins: an amazing story
O’Barry used to hunt dolphins, but now he does everything he can to release them back into the wild Rick O’Barry, a former dolphin hunter
brave borderAnimal World
The brave border collie saved the owner’s flock of sheep from a bushfire
The brave Patsy became popular as she did hard work to save a flock of sheep This story is about a heroic female collie. The brave dog rounded up a flock
Julie and Nala's owner Cassie MillerAnimal World
Julie finds an unfamiliar dog in her house: something interesting is going to happen
Julie and her family have an unexpected guest A few weeks ago, Julie Thorton Johnson woke up in the morning to something quite unusual. In the bed, right
A wild turkey with the name PepperAnimal World
A wild turkey makes a human build her a coop
A wild turkey just adores her new home which feels like a palace to her. A wild turkey name Pepper surprised everyone with her friendliness.
The pig and the tortoise sharedAnimal World
The pig and the tortoise form an unexpected friendship
The pig and the tortoise shared their everyday Kristen is a former animal rehabber who now owns a little farm which is a home for her three pigs and a
cat Lizard uses this plasticAnimal World
Lizard made himself home inside a plastic dinosaur: it was scary and surprising
Lizard uses this plastic dinosaur as his new home Stacey and Michael are good neighbors. What connects them is that they both have nice gardens which they
Saying she is too upset to talk.Animal World
Upset little girl cannot find her favorite hen and draws a lost poster
Upset little girl has drown her lovely hen with hope to find him again Pets are an integral part of the family. And, that is why as soon as they get sick
He knew that the duckling was definitely too youngAnimal World
Duckling sings with his owner and helps him record new music tracks
The duckling is best friends with the man that rescued her. When James Davis looked out of his window one morning, he saw a little duckling across the street.
Of Austrian descent, this tourist had just returned from her vacation in Croatia.Animal World
Tourist returns from vacation and finds 18 scorpions in her suitcase: scary scene
Tourist felt surprised when she saw a family of scorpions in her bag Every tourist chooses the holiday they prefer and most, when they need to return home
Fish turned out to be red only after changing his aquariumAnimal World
Fish turned out to be red only after changing his aquarium: a crazy story
The fish turned muddy brown living in a tiny jar Jess was a teenager when she got her first fish. It was a brown betta fish, who she named Spicy.
The Dozens is a game played between two contestants.Animal World
Dozens of wild animals think the woman’s house is a hotel for them
Dozens of wild animals visit a woman’s backyard every evening Any animal lover can only admire Christin’s backyard because it looks like a
Possum made it a habbit became never agrees.Animal World
Possum made it a habbit to attend university lectures: the best guest
Possum became a funny guest of the students in Australia  If you go to school in Australia, you better not be afraid of your fluffy neighbors, because
Grumpy looking cat is actually the sweetest kittenAnimal World
Grumpy looking cat is actually the sweetest kitten
Grumpy looking cat is affected by the disease, but not his sweet personality Grumpy looking cat -Toby’s unique look comes from a rare genetic condition
Camera set up by the couple foundAnimal World
Camera set up by the couple found out what is doing their cat at night: interesting discoveries
Camera catches cat doing everything to keep parrents from sleeping A month or so after Ash was adopted, her new family discovered one of her core personality