Dog Likes To Ride His Favorite Horse

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Riding The Horse Has Become A Habit For The Dog

Robin is the craziest dog. One can easily distinguish him out of all other dogs by the huge smile on his face and his shining eyes. Robin is a walking ray of sunshine, spreading positivity everywhere he goes.

Robin lives on Emily’s farm. He is super friendly to all the animals. But his relationship with Teddy, one of the horses, is very special. When the family got Teddy, they were planning on riding on him. But once Robin appeared in their farm, he made their plans change. Now, he is the one riding the horse.

When the family got Robin, he was just a tiny pup. But even then, he had the personality that made him get what he wanted. When he saw Teddy for the first time, he ran towards him, and asked Emily to put him on Teddy’s back. Since that day, Robin does it every single day. In early morning, Robin wakes up with only one thing on his mind – find Teddy and stand on his back. He rushes to Teddy’s barn, and starts calling for Emily to come help him.

Every time Robin sees Teddy, his tail starts to wag, and his excitement just shows off. Teddy too, is happy to see him, He already knows Robin is about to come, and approached him as if telling “There you are”.

The two really bonded with each other. While most dogs like to play catch, Robin likes to make Teddy play it. Robin throws their toys as far as he can, and Teddy runs to catch them. They are also perfect partners in crime, as Teddy gives Robin all the carrots the family has that are put out of reach for Robin. Even when Emily is seeing what they are doing, Robin just takes the carrots with a big smile on his face, knowing he will still get what he wanted.

It is wonderful how two animals can have such distinct personalities, and how they bond with each other so well.

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