The Story Of A Cat That Became Best Friends With A Dog

The Story Of A Cat Cat Breeds

The Story Of A Cat That Became Best Friends With A Dog

A couple has found a stray kitten completely soaked after a rainstorm. The kitten was freezing and in need of help. The couple brought her to the Greenside Animal Hospital where the staff later named him Ginger Biscuit.

The vets decided to put the kitten in an isolation ward where he could heal and recover in peace.

When Ginger first arrived at the hospital, he was only eight to ten months old. He was understandably a little scared and confused. The owners of the Greenside Hospital mentioned that the cat was very shy. But at the same time, he loved the attention and loved the way their team was taking care of him.

Just like Ginger, a dog name Anne was brought to the hospital as a stray as someone found him hiding in the bushes. When she arrived at the hospital, everyone could see that the dog was quite sick.

The vets decided that it would be best for her to stay in the isolation ward for some time. And that is how the future best buddies first met each other.

Usually, at the Greenside Hospital, they keep the cats and dogs separately. But the isolation ward was a different case. At first, Anne’s and Ginger’s crates were across the room.

The staff thought that there was no way that the two of them could have any contact. But turned out, they were wrong. One day, a staff member got very surprised when she found the two of them cuddled up in Anne’s crate.

They say that the first time they saw them together, that was a moment of panic since most dogs can’t react well to cats around them and vice versa.

Very soon they realized that there was no reason for worries. They saw how gentle Anne was with Ginger and how much the two of them liked being next to each other.

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