Abused little dog feels scared of human voice: It makes her tremble in fear

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Abused dog can’t find peace in human surrounding because of abusive owners

Countless animals, including many dogs, experience great injustices and suffering, often at the hands of human beings. And this tragic situation inevitably ends up making abused dogs feel timid and very frightened. A dog can remain traumatized for a long time if its owner or family treated badly.

In fact, this female dog, for example, had received some of the worst abuse ever from her human “family”. Fortunately, in the end, she found herself safe in an animal shelter, but still extremely afraid of human beings.

The unfortunate dog Gia when arrived in a Texas animal shelter, the volunteers immediately realized that something was terribly wrong. The dog felt so scared that she crouched with her head turned into a corner. At the mere sound of the voice of a human she started to tremble in fear.

In the video, which the animal shelter has shared on its Facebook, you can clearly see that Gia was scared! Who knows what trauma she must have suffered to have such a similar reaction to a simple human voices!?

Fortunately, the DallasDogRRR animal welfare association deals with the most difficult recoveries. It intervened and thanks to a lot of love and a little patience, it has managed to improve Gia’s conditions. The dog is making steady progress. However, she is still far from having the courage to poke her nose outside of the shelter. She cannot feel truly comfortable with human beings.

In any case, for now, when she hears human voices she runs and hides under the bed. But, at least she has stopped urinating in fear. However, Gia’s behavior toward other animals is totally different!

In fact, she loves to play with her fellow animal friends in the shelter and run from one side to the other of the recreation area because she knows that her four-legged friends will not harm her in any way. To make Gia lose her fear of humans, the association has decided to take her to a temporary foster care home. The foster home has a specialist, and Gia will be able to live there for a while and learn that, finally, she is safe and that no one will ever cause her any pain or harm again.

We hope that this dog will regain her trust in human beings and that she can continue her life surrounded by the love of an affectionate human family.

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