Grumpy looking cat is actually the sweetest kitten

Grumpy looking cat is actually Animal World

Grumpy looking cat is affected by the disease, but not his sweet personality

Grumpy looking cat -Toby’s unique look comes from a rare genetic condition, but to his parents, he is the most beautiful cat in this world.  But in reality, he is just a regular kitten who’s very happy and affectionate. He just wants to play and be loved.


Grumpy-looking cat , Toby may appear grumpy, sad, and irritable.

Christopher and Georgina, Toby’s owners, are very happy to have him as they initially thought of adopting a special needs grumpy kitten. They ended up also taking in Toby’s little brother Quintin. He is a bit special too since he is missing all of his teeth. The two of them have lived together their whole life.

The rescue team found them hiding together. It also turned out that they had been together in their previous house.

Quintin is always there for Toby to keep an eye on him, he too realizes that he is a bit more fragile. He is constantly trying to take care of his little grumpy brother. Georgina says that the two cats are so important to each other that they probably would not be able to live without one another.

Grumpy looking cat is actually the sweetest Quintin
Grumpy looking cat is affected by the disease

Toby is the sweetest cat out there who just happily enjoys his life. He loves sunbathing, loves playing around with Quintin and his toys, and he is obsessed with birds. One of his hobbies is just sitting in front of the window and observing the birds. Sometimes he even tries doing little imitations of them.

According to Christopher, Toby is just an ordinary cat that just needs a little bit of extra care. No sharp corners in the house, no open windows, nothing too far or too high for Toby to jump up and down from. Even thought taking care for a special needs kitten may be exhausting sometimes, his family is really grateful to have him in their lives.

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