A Dog Confused Everyone By Wearing A Cone

A Dog Confused Animal World

Chief is already a 1 year old dog but he still acts as a puppy. If there is a chance of mischief or adventure, Chief will find it every time. He recently got neutered so, unfortunately, he had to wear a cone for 2 weeks. He completely hated the idea of it and protested the entire time. The dog put so much effort in attempts to chew it off. But success was not on his side. He used to refuse to get into the car or to go for walks if he was wearing the cone. He clearly could not wait for the day to finally take the thing off him.A Dog Confused Everyone

Chief made it through his time with the cone like a champ and, after two weeks, he was finally free. No one would have expected Chief to willingly put the cone back on. But we guess that he just loves surprising his owners.


Hester says that she was very confused when she saw her dog wearing it. She was completely sure her mother took it off him in the morning. The reason for that ended up being absolutely hilarious.

No one knew why he suddenly grew to like it. Maybe wearing it has never been a problem for him. He seemed pretty happy, rolling around with the cone on. But Hester had a feeling that the dog just liked the fact that he did not need to wear it by force. He was excited to be able to do whatever he wanted to with it – chewing it, playing with it and just having his best time.

“I think that he felt like he had won the battle” Hester said. After he took his victory lap, Chief decided that it was enough of him wearing the cone. Turns out he just wanted to end things on his own terms.A Dog Confused Everyone

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