Animal World
A truck driver allergic to cats rescues one from the road
A truck driver who was allergic to cats saved the life of the kitten and adopted it Can you become great friends with a cat while being allergic to these
seen on tv freshness in air out perfect for chipsAnimal World
This Kitten Has A Collection Of Freshness Seals
Every Time Ollie Sees A Milk Package, He Is Ready To Steal The Freshness Seals There is one thing that the cat named Ollie loves more than anything else.
Secret Life of Kittens book by DavidAnimal World
The Secret Life Of A Kitten
Man Learned So Much About His Cat When He Started Following Him With A Camera The Secret Life When the owner is a detective filmmaker, the kitten has no
Want to Trade Two Brothers for a CatAnimal World
Two Brothers Rescue An Injured Cat
Two Brothers Wanted To Rescue A Cat, But Ended Up Adopting While returning home from his workplace, Ryan noticed an unfamiliar kitten laying on his porch.
girl who says that her mother's oldCat Breeds
A mother allows her son to adopt a puppy: his choice was an old cat
A mother gave the boy the chance to adopt a puppy but he chose a large, older, and overweight cat As a child, it is quite common to dream of having a pet
Dasani was preparing to leave for the Hershey schoolAnimal World
An Entire Cat Family Got Stuck In The School Conditioning System
It Took The School Three Days To Rescue All The Kittens The mystery of cats at the school in Northern California started on Tuesday, when everyone heard
A tiny kitten fell into a drain pipeAnimal World
Kitten Tiny Was Stuck Three Meters Down The Pipe
A Group Of Friends Got The Kitten Out Of The Pipe Anita and two of her friends heard some sound coming from the ground. They realized it came from the
The lady Your Adoption AppointmentPositive
The lady adopted her cat’s best friend from shelter for cats
The lady found out that her cat had a best friend at the shelter, so she decided to adopt him too You recognize two friends from afar, because staying
Caring for a blind cat isn't as difficulAnimal World
Blind Cat Has Been Raising Her Kittens On Her Own
The Vets Were Surprised To Know The Mother Cat Had Been Blind A stray kittens has been living in a box near the house of an old couple. When the couple’s
How can I help the cat cope with griefCat Breeds
The cat called Bruce healed his owners
The cat helps family heal after unimaginable loss On November 2, 2013, Ann Rowley and he husband were looking for a cat to add to their family.
Newborn kittens need to feed every two to three hoursCat Breeds
Newborn kittens reunited with their mom thanks to kind neighbors
Newborn kittens are finally together and happy with their mom The owner moved out and didn’t take the cat Ella with him, so she stayed alone.
Family cats are just thatCat Breeds
A Big Family Of Cats Found A New Home
Woman Let The Family Cats  Stay In Her Farm As The Weather Was Harsh Marcia had always been a dog fan, while cats were not her favorite creatures.
National Feral Cat DayAnimal World
Sixteen Feral Cats The Family Devoted Part Of Their House
Sixteen Feral Cats Now Live In A Loving Family When Dylan and Emily where purchasing the farmhouse, no one warned them about the sixteen feral cats that
dog owner advice by world renownedCat Breeds
Dog Needed A Therapy Cat
Cat Helps Senior Dog Overcome Loneliness Usually, it is people with anxiety or stress that need the help of the “emotional support animals”
also called house catCat Breeds
A Woman Adopts A Senior Cat And Gives Him All Her Love
Since he used to be a stray cat Heiko used to be a stray cat. A woman that noticed him on the streets took him to a shelter because he seemed to be very sick.