How to choose a puppy

How to choose Dog puppy Dog Breeds

You probably once had a desire to buy a little puppy for your home. You could be touched by the sight of a baby sold in the animal market or just on the street, or by looking at a devoted old dog, ready to protect his master to the last drop of blood. Finally, you may genuinely love dogs, but you just don’t have enough time to mess around with a toddler. One way or another, buying a puppy is not an easy task and does not tolerate rash decisions. Even if you don’t need a security guard for your country house, a hare hunter or a sprinter to participate in the race, but just a devoted and caring friend, you don’t need to buy a crumb at random. Of course, a small representative of absolutely any breed will look touching and defenseless, touching to tears. However, the dog is not a doll, you will need to deal with it, play with it, worry about its state of health, give lessons on how to survive in the human world and understand the language in which it communicates. The puppy becomes an adult very quickly, and this will already mean a significant responsibility. What is the most significant when choosing a puppy?

Newly born dogs are always sweet and adorable, however, this may not always be the case in the future.

Pay attention to the traits inherent in the breed that arouses your interest. You may be attracted by the long and beautiful coat of the Afghan, the corpulence and laziness of the St. Bernard, the cheerfulness and mobility of the terrier, however, you need to remember that all breeds have a certain character and purpose. So, the purpose of breeding one breed was to get an assistant in hunting, another – a fighter, and representatives of the third had to live exclusively in a cold climate. That is why genes cannot be ignored. This conclusion can be drawn not only because in a couple of years your pet can weigh as much as you do and take up half the room. First of all, you need to think about the future of the dog. So, if your dog is naturally playful and sociable, it will be physically and mentally difficult for him to be alone in an empty apartment for a long time.

You probably once had a choose a puppy

At the same time, if you try to raise a watchdog out of a companion breed, this intention may end badly: the dog will have to constantly fight with his nature, and this will negatively affect his mental health. You can’t choose a puppy for yourself only on the basis of a beautiful appearance or based on the experience of friends who like the upbringing of their “girl”. When the breed of the future pet becomes clear, it’s time to start looking for the very creature that is waiting for you. You can do this in a variety of places. Let’s make a reservation: the choice of a puppy is very difficult. However, if you look closely at the company of swarming dogs, it will immediately be clear that they are not at all the same. Take a closer look at how the dog behaves, it will say a lot about its character. Decide in advance whether you want to own a dog that is a leader by nature, or you want to become the owner of a timid and obedient creature.

Take a close look at the puppies: future daredevils and “good fellows” easily make contact, it will not be any problem for them to come running to you and start flirting. At the same time, insecure and shy puppies can hide in a corner, cower and make a puddle if you want to communicate with them. If you see that the baby is trying to run away from you and is frankly afraid, then either he was treated cruelly, or he is closed in on himself. Independent dogs will lose interest in you after a couple of minutes of meeting you.

A simple test will tell you a lot about your future relationship with your puppy. Lay the baby on his back and hold him for about half a minute, placing your hand on his chest. In this position, the baby is especially vulnerable, and your actions tell him that you are acting from a position of strength. Potential leaders will attempt to free themselves and may even lightly bite your arm. Puppies with a strong and stubborn character will try to break free, wriggling and floundering, but will quickly calm down.

An obedient and timid puppy in such a situation will not resist and, perhaps, even lick you, trying to find protection and understanding. What matters is how the puppies behave in the pack. Bullies and leaders can be identified immediately. Watch how the dogs play with the ball, who emerges victorious from the fight, how the “guys” react to your praise and signs of attention.

Finally, you understand that this particular puppy should belong to you, because he is the best. The most important thing is to remember that from now on you are responsible for the life and health of this living lump.

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