Dog Needed A Therapy Cat

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Cat Helps Senior Dog Overcome Loneliness

Usually, it is people with anxiety or stress that need the help of the “emotional support animals”, such as cats. But the dog with the name Bob was in need of one as well. Bob is Luz’s dog. Luz tells that even though Bob is super tiny and looks like a puppy, he actually is a senior dog. And his personality already showed it. Luz realized, that over time, her dog became more grumpy.

Bob started to bark nonstop for no reason. He did it at places where he was alone. Also, very small things would get him angry, which he could not hide. Luz thought that maybe the loneliness was the reason for such behavior. It might happen that the dog started to react to being alone differently as he got older. After all, now he needed more attention and emotional support.

That was when Luz made her mind to adopt Marley, the most loving cat ever. Since then, Bob has never been the same again. It is crazy how much of a different a cat made in Bob’s life. Turns out, all he needed all along was a friend.

At first, both of them were a shy and reluctant to approach each other. But everything changed in no time, as Bob and Marley became inseparable. It has been years since the start of their friendship, and up to this day, both of them follow each other like a shadow. Luz says that Bob sometimes gets enough of the company, so she needs to put on a movie to distract Marley sometimes.

On top of becoming a loving friend to Bob. Marley encourages him to overcome his fears. For instance, Bob has been afraid of going down the stairs as he fell once. He did not use the stairs after the incident. But now, Marley lies down on the very last stair, so Bob knows there is someone waiting for him downstairs. This small act of kindness tells just how much the two value each other.

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