The old dogs already have where to stay thanks to an old man

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The old dogs can already stay at the sanctuary made especially for them

Often, when adopting a dog, the dog’s age and beauty play a great role in person’s choice. The aesthetic and age factors, unfortunately, have a great influence on the choice. So, many people prefer to adopt a cute young puppy instead of the old ones. But what about all those poor dogs that do not have families yet? Those dogs that did not manage to secure someone’s affection? And as we mentioned, we can imagine why!

Consequently, Russell Clothier decided to help those older dogs that seemed to not have accommodation and feel sad. This is how Shep’s Place Senior Dog Sanctuary was born. Russell has therefore seen fit to create a place where these troubled animals can live a comfortable old age, surrounded by a lot of love.

The sanctuary’s name was chosen in honor of Shep, a 10-year-old dog, a mix between a Beagle and a Basset Hound, that was adopted by the founder of the project. Shep is a very happy elderly dog ​​because he has his own sofa and can have a good time with all the other dogs every day. Russell has created a very informal senior dog sanctuary because he wanted his guests to feel at home. He specifically looked for and bought a house that he could renovate and adapt to serve his purpose.

In fact, he had started out volunteering in another animal refuge structure which he did for some time. During the time he stayed there he noticed that people adopt old dogs very rare. It was then that he came up with an idea for a project for a senior dog sanctuary.

Shep’s Place, the senior dog sanctuary house has, among other things, comfortable kennels and a special shower for the dogs, as well as a large patio that allows dogs to play and walk around freely.

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