Playful Dog Created His Own Game

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Playful Dog Sugar, Katerina’s puppy, always surprises her with her independence.

While other dogs want their owners to play with them, Sugar prefers to play on her own. But she still likes to be at the center of attention. So even though she plays on her own, she expects Katerina to watch her. In addition to that, Sugar is also very creative, and can easily entertain herself. No doubt the dog’s unique personality makes Katerina’s life a bit easier as a pet owner. Playful Dog

But one day, as Sugar was exploring Katerina’s accessories, she found her ultimate favorite toy. Katerina was air-drying her hair, and she kept her drawer door open, so she could easily get everything she needed. The drawer caught Sugar’s attention, and she started to observe the items in there. Katerina did not think Sugar would make a huge mess, so she just let it be.

Sugar found a scrunchie in the drawer, and took it away. Little did Katerina know that Sugar had found her new obsession. Katerina says she could have never thought how a scrunchie could be so entertaining for a dog. But Sugar came up with a game with it. She holds one side of the scrunchie in his mouth, and she uses her paws to pull the other side down to the floor. Then, she lets it go and the scrunchie flies into the air, which makes her happy. Since that day, there are constantly some scrunchies flying into Katerina’s house.

As Sugar usually loses her scrunchies, or they get stuck somewhere, there is always a shortage of scrunchies in their house. As a result, Katerina buys tons of them. She says that she has a house worker who helps her clean up the house. The woman at first did not understand why Katerina needed that many scrunchies. And she would not believe that they all were for Sugar until Katerina showed her how Sugar plays with them. Playful Dog

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