Senior Dog Spends Six Years In The Shelter

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People think taking care of a senior dog is a lot harder

Amanda, the director of the Oahu shelter, tells that the dog with the name Pirate had been there for over six years now. She is a senior dog, eleven years old, which means she had stayed in the shelter for more than the half of her life. Whenever people came to choose a dog, all of them told that it was so sad to see a dog who never had a family for the past six years. But none of them actually considered taking the dog home.

Amanda thinks Pirate’s age had its part to play here. People think taking care of a senior dog is a lot harder, and they usually overlook dogs like Pirate. Pirate had already lost her hope of getting someone’s attention. But what is even more sad is that she lost her joy in almost anything. She was no longer the playful puppy she was before. Now, all she wanted to do was to lie down all day, and do nothing. Games or outside walks were not exciting anymore. One could really see the despair in her eyes.

When one afternoon Jennifer walked into the shelter, and asked to see the dog named Pirate, Amanda was more than surprised. She could hardly believe there was someone who came to the shelter just for Pirate. She got even more surprised when Jennifer actually decided to take the dog home.

Jennifer likes to tell how big of a transformation Pirate overwent the time she spent with their family. Jennifer brought her a fluffy couch and toys the very first day, which made her overly happy. Since then, Jennifer is trying to make each of Pirate’s days special. She buys her gifts, celebrates her birthday, and they sometimes wear matching outfits. Pirate really turned into a puppy for the past several months. This is a proof that the age of the dog does not matter. All they need is love and support, and they will be the same puppy as before.

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