A punishment is not that rude when your dog accompanies you

Punishment is the application of a stimulus that decreases Dog Breeds

Punishment for the boy became far more easy thanks to his dog

It is a fact that the animal that can feel the most empathy with humans is the dog. A study has in fact explored this aspect and supports the particular predisposition of some dog breeds to tune into the human being. We already knew that the dog was man’s best friend. Anyone lucky enough to share their life with a four-legged friend knows what they are talking about. And little Peyton seems to know it well as a child with a very special friend. Dash, a faithful little dog, who has accompanied him when he was under punishment.

Peyton needs to be kept in line every now and then. Her mother never misses an opportunity to teach her son good manners with others. After one of the many quarrels between Peyton and his sister, Jillian decided to chastise her son as usual. Face the wall for a few minutes, to reflect on the error that the boy committed.

For a small child, standing for a long time staring at a wall can be really boring. But, at the same time, it could be a way to encourage them to concentrate on their behavior.

When Dash, the family dog, saw his close friend standing there in front of the wall, he decided not to leave him alone and joined him to keep him company.

Mom Jillian couldn’t help immortalizing the scene that portrays Peyton serving his punishment with Dash next to him. The child could not resist cuddling his friend. Although, at the same time he always maintained the serious aspect of those who are serving a very severe penalty.

Peyton’s mom told how Dash’s presence is a real blessing for the whole family, but especially for Peyton: “If you ask him, Dash is his best friend.”

 As you can imagine, Peyton’s punishment lasted less than he expected, but it will certainly not be the last. Undoubtedly, however, Dash will never leave him alone to face the most difficult moments of life – little Peyton can certainly count on it!

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