The Family Dog Hopes Their Will Find Another Loving Family

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The Loving Family Dog Could No Longer Take Care Of The Dog

One morning, Kylie Rose noticed a little dog in her neighborhood. She was sitting stoically on the grass, tied to a fire hydrant by her leash. At first, Kylie thought that the dog might be waiting for her owner to return. However, she was afraid that she could freeze out there since it was particularly cold that afternoon. Kylie decided to wait with the dog for a while to keep her company. She tried to keep her warm with a blanket that she brought. Soon, Kylie realized that no one was going to come to pick her up. The Family Dog

Next to the Family dog, there was a backpack that contained all of her favorite things – treats and all kinds of toys, as well as a heartbreaking note. When it became clear that Sunny’s previous owner abandoned her, Kylie brought her to the Wisconsin Humane Society shelter.

According to the shelter, the five-year-old dog is now doing very well. She is very energetic, loves to play with all of her toys, and is always happy to go for a walk with the staff members at the shelter.

A few days ago, the Wisconsin Humane Society released a statement on Facebook. It directly addressed Sunny’s previous owner, explaining that they understand how they must be feeling right now. “ We can only imagine how difficult it was to leave Sunny when you felt that you could no longer care for her,” the post said. The vice president of the shelter also mentioned that they could see how much they used to care for Sunny by how happy and healthy the dog was.

Sunny will be available for adoption in the coming days. In the meantime, she is getting plenty of love from the shelter staff. They are preparing for her next chance to find a forever home with a kind-hearted family.

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