Petey, the longest resident of shelter found a loving family

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Petey the rescue dog smiled while he was sleeping in his new home

Pet the rescue dog was a happy boy, despite the obstacles in his life. At just 1 year old, the sweet pup was already the longest resident at his county shelter in North Carolina.

The small shelter was over capacity and had already extended Pet’s stay longer than usual. With no potential adopters in sight, the shelter reached out to the SPCA of Wake County to see if they could help give Petey more time to find his people.

The SPCA instantly agreed to take Petey and his friends. While the situation was devastating, Pet didn’t seem sad at all. Instead, he felt thrilled to meet his new friends.

“As soon as he got here, he was yanking on the leash. He was trying to get through the door,” Samantha Ranlet told. “He bounded into the building.”

The pup’s vibrant personality stunned the SPCA staff at first. Especially, when they considered just how many times he was overlooked at his previous shelter.

“He was super friendly from day one and very playful,” Ranlet said. “We couldn’t believe that nobody wanted him.”

Pet’s friends uploaded a picture of him to their website as soon as he arrived. However, they felt worried that his importance in his new family’s life.

“We, unfortunately, expected that he might feel overlooked for smaller dogs, like before,” Ranlet said. “But it only took about a few weeks for someone to fall in love with him.”

Pet forever family saw the picture of the sweet pup and instantly knew that he belonged with them. A month into his stay at the SPCA, Pet’s new family picked him up, officially ending his lengthy shelter stay for good.

It didn’t take long for Pet to settle into his new home, as he soaked up his new life with his puppy brother and loving human siblings. He loves playing fetch in his backyard already and giving endless hugs and kisses to his people.

And at the end of each day, Petey’s book, the once-overlooked shelter dog, curls up on his warm bed and falls asleep with a huge smile on his face.

“That is the smile of a dog who knows he’s home,”

The shelter wrote on Facebook. petey williams is just one of many shelter dogs who are alone for long periods of time. At SCPA of Wake County alone, there are between 8 and 10 pups who’ve been waiting to find their forever homes for almost a year.

But just like Pet’s story ends with a happy ending, Ranlet and SPCA staff are hopeful that their other long-term residents will soon get their happily-ever-after.

“We’re rooting for them to find their people,” Ranlet said. “That’s what they deserve.”

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