A truck driver allergic to cats rescues one from the road

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A truck driver who was allergic to cats saved the life of the kitten and adopted it

Can you become great friends with a cat while being allergic to these four-legged feline friends? The answer is yes, and the protagonist of this true story can personally testify to this! Matt is an truck driver who, on one of his trips in the US, decided to “adopt” a stray kitten. He had saved the kitten from a dangerous situation. A brave decision for Matt, who not only took the kitten to heart but who is also allergic to cats! After seeing a little kitten in a busy road, Matt stopped his truck and bring the kitten aboard. He wanted to see if there was something wrong, or if the kitten has injuries.

In fact, the very first thing Matt then did was immediately taking it to a veterinarian. But he did not notice that the kitten had already fallen fast asleep on the truck seat. Matt, however, had been allergic to cats since he was born. And unfortunately, the effects of his allergy eventually won out over the tenderness he felt for the abandoned little kitten without a roof and without a loving family.

However, Matt took the kitten to the vet to effectively bring her back to perfect health! And for a while, the truck driver with a heart of gold, but who is allergic to cats, had quickly become so fond of the kitten that on his short business trips he always took the kitten with him.

During those short trips, Matt’s little four-legged feline friend used to sit and cuddle on his shoulder. It was a sign of affection and trust towards the kind man who had probably saved her life.

Although Matt’s kind gestures did really save the kitten’s life, in the end, due to being allergic to cats, the kitten was finally adopted by a loving family that welcomed her into their home, giving her affection and kindness.

And all of this was thanks to Matt, a trucker driver who is allergic to cats but with such a big heart that he saved one from certain death on the road, thus giving the little kitten, the gift of life!

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