The Secret Life Of A Kitten

Secret Life of Kittens book by David Animal World

Man Learned So Much About His Cat When He Started Following Him With A Camera The Secret Life

When the owner is a detective filmmaker, the kitten has no privacy whatsoever. Gonzo, Derek’s furred friend, has a small camera attached on his collar, so Derek can keep track of every single movement he makes.The Secret Life

Everything started when Gonzo adopted a habit of bringing “gifts” home. It could be a plastic bag, a used cup, some paper, or anything he found outside. This arose so many questions Derek needed answers to. Where did Gonzo get them? Why would he carry them with him or bring them home? To clear everything up, Derek came up with an idea to put a camera on Gonzo’s caller, and “follow” him everywhere around.

This in fact was a genius idea. Not because Derek came to know how his cat finds the items he brings home, but because he learned so much more about his cat he never could have though of before. He was able to see the world with the eyes of a cat.

The first thing he found out was how much cats interact with other animals. During his everyday walks, Gonzo would encounter squirrels, opossums, birds, chipmunks and so on. He never tried to harm them. But he did not ignore them either. He made contact with anyone he saw on his way. It was like seeing your neighbors when walking in the town and checking on how they were doing.

Derek also realized that Cats were much more playful than he thought. Gonzo would trick the bugs he saw on his way. He would block their way with his paw, and see them get confused. Gonzo just did it to have some fun.

But most importantly, Derek came to see how emotional his cat was. He realized Gonzo liked the neighbor’s cat, and did not miss his chance to see her. One day, when he spotted her, he went to bring one of the “gifts” he had collected. He wanted to give it to her as a present. But the other cat rejected it, and Derek could see how heartbroken Gonzo was.

There is so much we do not know about our pets. They do have an entire life outside the house, and we never know who they meet, what they do, and what they go through.

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