The little baby bear cub cannot stop embracing the man who saved it’s life

So Little baby Bear begins to make soup Animal World

A little baby bear cub was so thankful to his savior that he could not leave him

2019 was a difficult year in regards to forest fires. Just think of the Amazon, hit by serious forest fires. And immediately afterward also in Australia, where hundreds of animals lost their lives. As well as they lose their habitat, due to wildfires. In fact, over 400,000 acres of land near Sydney became the victim of fires, leaving only terrible devastation. In this bleak scenario, however, there were also many heroes. These heroes tried to save the little baby animals, while also risking their own lives.

Similar to a woman who risked her life to save a koala bear cub from a wildfire, now there is a man who rescued a little baby bear cub in the middle of a wildfire. Images of his compassionate action went viral on Twitter and also shared by an impressive number of users.

After the rescue, the little baby bear cub literally chased and embraced the young man (the police have not identified him yet) as a sign of gratitude. Moreover, there is a nice video that immortalizes the wonderful episode.

An influencer named Susanta Nanda shared the incident on Twitter. Although very little is known of the place where the video showing the beautiful gesture was shot. It is still a scene that communicates a very important message.

Moreover, it is a message that reminds us that the commitment and efforts for the conservation. We have to take care of wildlife and this needs to be continuous. These beings are so wonderful that we cannot ignore them or pretend as though nothing has happened.

In the video which went viral, the little baby bear cub continues to approach the man to seek protection, to play. He also wanted to thank the man who helped save him. And of course, no one wants to see animals suffer from naturally-caused or human-caused forest fires.

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