Blind Cat Has Been Raising Her Kittens On Her Own

Caring for a blind cat isn't as difficul Animal World

The Vets Were Surprised To Know The Mother Cat Had Been Blind

A stray kittens has been living in a box near the house of an old couple. When the couple’s son came by for a visit, he noticed the sweet cat, who could not even open her eyes. She led him to the place where she had been sleeping, for him to discover there 3 tiny little kittens, waiting for their mom to return. The man contacted Coastal Blind Cat Rescue, who immediately agreed to take the cats to their shelter and to sponsor them a vet visit.

At that time, the shelter happened not to have an open foster home. But they knew that they were not going to leave them outside. So they quickly came up with a solution. Mary Huckabee, the director of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue, said that they were worried about the health of the one-week-old kittens and their sick mother, so they did some home shuffling to make room for the adorable family.

At first, they thought that the cat, whom they named Clue, had an eye infection. But once she and her kittens settled in, her foster mom noticed that she had no normal eye tissue. It turned out that the cat always had been completely blind. It is amazing how she managed to survive on her own before the rescuers found her. “Clue is a great mom. Being blind does not bother her at all.” Huckabee said. She sometimes gets surprised when she suddenly hears a meowing from a place she did not expect. The older the kittens get, the harder it is for Clue to control them. They will not stay where she put them. At first, she tried to carry them back, but soon realized that it was not working. She gave up and finally gave them the freedom to explore.

Soon enough, the kittens and their mom will be ready for adoption, but until then, they are just going to enjoy their life in safety with their loving foster family.

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