The kind dog adopts and saves a kitten from the chilly rain

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The kind dog adopts defenseless kitten and bring to his home as if it were her friend

Even if movies, cartoons, and other forms of entertainment seem to suggest otherwise, dogs and cats can definitely be friends and this true story about a kind dog proves it.

Hazel is a female dog that is a nice mix between a Chihuahua and poodle. This mix of breeds makes her a unique dog. In addition to her gentleness, Hazel also stands out for being very friendly. And it was precisely that quality that saved the life of a poor helpless kitten.

On a gray and chilly rainy day, Hazel’s owners let her go out into the garden to do her business.

In fact, despite the heavy rain and cold, Hazel had to remain outside for a few minutes to eliminate even though the weather was bad. However, this time the dog took more than a few minutes to come back inside the house. But Monica, the dog’s owner, says that everything went more or less according to Hazel’s routine. Everything was okay until she returned home with a totally unexpected surprise.

The little dog, that now hurried to enter the house again and escape the rain, continued to stare at a point in the direction of his owner’s garage. Furthermore, Hazel, in spite of the relentless rain also began barking and running toward the garage.

Hazel’s strange behavior surprised Monica. She did not know that there was an abandoned kitten in the garage. She was no more than a week old, trying to escape from the cold and the rain.

The small male kitten could do nothing but meow weakly, which was what had caught Hazel’s attention. Instead of attacking the little kitten, frightening it, or simply ignoring it, Hazel wanted to transport the little cold and wet kitten from its makeshift shelter into the house.

Monica could not believe her eyes when she knew what happened. Her little dog had gone out and returned with what seemed to be a newly adopted friend!

The little kitten walked awkwardly in the rain while following the dog. Hazel took a few steps and then turned to make sure that her new friend was following her.

Then, upon arriving at the house, the little kitten was unable to climb the steps to enter the house. So, Hazel gently grabbed the kitten with her muzzle to lift and carry him inside the house! They both entered the house and Hazel immediately carried the kitten to her dog bed to warm him up. Monica, meanwhile, seemed stunned!

It would seem that her little dog had adopted a kitten and now Monica would have to make a decision: whether or not to keep the kitten as a house pet! The little kitten was allowed to stay for a while, but eventually Sheba, that was what the kitten was named, went to live happily with Monica’s brother, Michael.

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