The boy did not think twice before helping his horse

when the boy was 5, Isaacson and his family Animal World

The boy aged 13 jumped into the water to help his horse called Domino

Love for animals is something we need to teach our babies from an early age. Being lucky enough to live in close contact with a pet from your early years in life is something incredible. You will immediately notice a substantial difference in your approach towards the responsibility for others . Cameron Martin is a 13-year-old boy who is certainly very attached to his pony. He never missed an opportunity to visit him, as usual. When he arrived at the farm he noticed something strange. And then he realized that one of the horses, Domino, was not in his usual place. Fortunately, little Cameron found himself in the right place at the right time.

Once he arrived at the farm, Cameron realized that the boy who usually looked after the horses was not there. Also, one of the horses, Domino, was missing. His first thought was to check the canal that flowed at the edge of the farm. Domino was right there, trapped in the freezing water, after falling. Cameron started screaming for help and didn’t think twice before jumping into the water to support the horse’s head so he wouldn’t drown.

Finally, after at least an hour of terrible trouble, help arrived and several people jumped into the water to get Cameron and help Domino, the horse, to get out of that terrible situation. They attached a rope to the horse’s neck. Fortunately, thanks to the power from an excavator, managed to pull him out of the muddy water.

Cameron was literally freezing people helped him, however he decided to save the horse. Fortunately, the story had the  happiest ending possible: Domino, now, has regained his strength and is fighting fit. Every time Cameron approaches him, he seems to make a little noise, as if of thanks, or happiness at the sight of his little rescuer.

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