Dichka adopted Archie when he was just a cub after she learnedAnimal World
Archie the bear found a family after zoo bankruptcy
Archie was just a bear cub when the girl rescued him and brought up as a pet We are all used to thinking of a pet like a dog or at most a bird in a cage.
Then the man Adam named hisAnimal World
The man found a bird of prey which later became his best friend
Man saves a bird of prey which then never leaves his side We all know how much animals are able to give us special, warm emotions with their expressions of affection.
Coby the cheetah companion dogDog Breeds
Cheetah-dog friendship is not as strange as it sounds
A dog and a cheetah who became friends for life Female cheetahs usually give birth to 3 to 5 kittens in one brood, but there can be up to nine babies.
The Little Elephant Who Wants to Fall AsleepAnimal World
Little elephant “born from the heart” starts his life again thanks to his savior
Little elephant called Moyo and his savior Roxy have a true friendship Can an unlikely friendship arise between a little elephant and a woman?
The subject of this story is Michele RaybonAnimal World
Story about a woman living with 50 rats
The story is about the bond between woman and her 50 sociable rats If asked to choose a pet, which one would you be most inclined to select?
when the boy was 5, Isaacson and his familyAnimal World
The boy did not think twice before helping his horse
The boy aged 13 jumped into the water to help his horse called Domino Love for animals is something we need to teach our babies from an early age.
A gardener developed a special bondAnimal World
A gardener and a swan have a special bond
The gardener feeds and cares for the swan every day Most people tend to form a close and loving emotional bond with their pet. Whether it is a dog, a cat
Click and discover emma the fox amigurumi pattern.Animal World
Emma Thompson and her Little Foxy became best friends
Emma finds a fox in her backyard and it’s immediately love at first sight Not everyone happens to befriend a fox, yet that’s exactly what happened
The African elephant is the world's largestAnimal World
The elephant and his savior met after a long separation
The elephant seems to have recognized “his” veterinarian, after 12 years of never meeting a human, A very special bond exists between man and animal.