A Missing Dog Finally Finds His Way Back Home

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A Missing Dog

Miles is a senior dog that went missing after somehow managing to slip through the open door. Missing Dog family had almost given up the hope of finding him after 6 weeks of unfortunate searches. Since Miles was partially blind, his family was fearing the worst after a month of him being away.

Luckily though, Miles was microchipped. A young man found him on the street and brought him to the Fulton Country Animal Services shelter. The shelter scanned his microchip and immediately contacted his family to tell them the news. His owner could not hold back her tears when she found out that they have found Miles.

The shelter was only thirty minutes away from where she lived, so the woman arrived there in no time. She could not wait to reunite with her beloved dog. No one knows how a dog that has been living with his family for his whole life, managed to survive without them for 6 weeks on the streets with his limited vision. When he arrived at the shelter he was all dirty and in need of care. He needed a good bath and some grooming, but none of that mattered when his mom came to pick him up.

The dog was anxious and nervous but he visibly calm when his owner held him in her arms again. It was clear that the dog missed her just as much as she did. Miles knew that he was going to be safe from that moment on. After 6 weeks Missing Dog of being apart, the bond between the two of them grew even stronger.

With the help of the community, Miles is now back home. He has been through a lot, but we are sure that with a little care and love he will be back to his old self in no time.

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