Momma horse sees her twin foals for the first time in two months

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Momma horse used to live without her little foals, however, they met after a few weeks

It’s a pretty rare occurrence for us humans to hear about a mother having twins. Did you know it’s even rarer for horses? According to experts, the chances of a horse having twins is 1 in 10,000. Considering these odds, seeing twin Momma horses is like watching the water turn into wine! This wonderful miracle took place even without the help of a veterinarian. Elsa, the momma horse, gave birth to two beautiful foals, or baby horses, all on her own.

Even though the birth went well, the Bureau of Land Management decided to hand the two foals over to the wild horse sanctuary Skydog Ranch to take care of them. Sadly, once the little Momma horse family arrived at the ranch, specialists immediately separated the foals from their mother. BML has been pushing to create a program to sterilize wild horses and these two foals became victims of their plan.

Clare Staples, the founder of the Skydog Ranch, tried everything to keep the family together. She even fought to keep Elsa from having to go through the sterilization program like her foals. Her request remained unanswered, however.

Momma horse sees her twin

Two months later, Clare finally received an answer from the BML and, to her surprise, it was good news! BML decided in Clare’s favor, and therefore they would be releasing the foals to their mother. Clare would also become their rightful owner. This means that they could live freely.

It was such a touching moment when the twin foals met their mother. At first, Elsa hardly recognized one of the two foals. It didn’t take much time, however, before they were cuddling happily together as one little family.

For now, the twins still stay pretty close to their mother. Elsa, of course, wants her alone time, but she never loses sight of them even when she does keep her distance. “They’re very playful, adventurous, and curious,” Clare Staples stated, “the second they feel skittish, though, they run straight back to their Momma horse.”

Although indeed, they’ll never be released again into the wild, Skydog Ranch grants them the possibility to live as if they were still there. Skydog Ranch is made up of thousands of acres of open land and is home to many other wild horses. There’s no doubt that Elsa and her baby foals will continue to live wild and free.

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