Abandoned Dog Finds A New Family

Dog Finds A New Family Animal World

Leilani Wong says that it was during her road trip when she first met Kaia, a smiley little puppy that is now a part of her family.Abandoned Dog

Leilani and her husband made a brief stop during the trip to fill up the tank. Then, she noticed a dog sniffing around her car. Kaia was walking around the gas station. Suddenly, she stopped in front of Wong’s car and looked at them with great curiosity. She then started to follow Leilani’s husband around, trying to get him to play with her.

It was 105 degrees outside, and the dog was panting. The couple started asking people around if they knew whom the dog belonged to. But it turned out that the gas station was a very popular dumping spot for unwanted animals.

The dog refused to stop following around so Wong gave her some food and water. Kaia seemed so surprised and grateful for the small act of kindness. It became clear that the dog was either homeless or neglected. The couple decided to take her with them to the trip until they found a shelter that could take her in.

Wong said that at first, the dog seemed nervous and scared. But she got comfortable around her new friends pretty quickly. By the time they returned home from the trip, Kaia became very attached to the family. Wong started taking her to the vet for vaccinations and medical checkups preparing her for adoption. They wanted to find a forever home for Kaia, but soon realized that they would not be able to give her up.Abandoned Dog

After her last owners abandoned her on the gas station, she was able to find a new family that loved and appreciated her very much. Kaia is opening up more and more each day, becoming an energetic and playful puppy that always wants to be around her owners.

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