Baby Mini Horse Could Not Find A Friend

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But later, he realized what he could do. Baby Mini Horse

Eleanor, the rescue Baby Mini Horse, appeared on Maria’s family farm when they saw her at an auction at a fair. The horse was already nineteen at that time, but she was still so tiny. Eleanor did not have any problems integrating with the farm life. It was thanks to her super friendly personality. She was so excited to be around the other animals, and she would go say hi to anyone she saw on her way.

In only one year of having Eleanor, the horse delivered a baby, who they named Teddy. He was the most precious creature ever. Maria and her family could hardly believe how little he was. Definitely nothing like any other horse. He resembled a doll more, or some mythical tiny creature from a fairytale.

Teddy was so in love with life. He enjoyed walking on the grass and always liked to observe it with great curiosity. He also was an explorer, who was not afraid to leave his mom’s side, to go see what is there farther in the field. Another thing that Teddy loved was running. From a very young age, he was determined to put all his effort into learning to run faster and faster.

Teddy was the friendliest little mini horse ever. But despite that fact, he was not able to find any friends on the farm. The other horses were not interested in making him some company, and would usually ignore him when he approached anyone. It was a pretty sad scene to see.

Teddy did spend some period of time all by himself. But later, he realized what he could do. Teddy saw that the dogs in the house were nicer to him than the horses. So he started to look for friends in their company, which worked out just fine. Now, Teddy is the happiest mini horse who is best friends with dogs.

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