Dog’s New Friend To Play Fetch With

Dog's New Friend To Play Fetch With Dog Breeds

They like to organize some gatherings.New Friend To Play Fetch

Bounder, Brittney’s dog, is the most joyful dog ever. He gets excited about mostly anything in life. But there is one thing that he loves more than anything else. It is the game of fetch. Usually, Bounder will not stop playing until Brittney needs to make him do that. And he loves to play it with anyone, even strangers. If someone is ready to play fetch with him, then he automatically becomes a friend.New Friend To Play Fetch

One day, as Brittney heard the dog barking in the yard, she looked out of the window to see what the reason was. She saw Bounder barking in front of the fence, and thought that he was disturbed by something. Brittney rushed outside, and what she saw was totally adorable. She saw the neighbor using a ball gun to play fetch with Bounder, and his own dog. Brittney says it was the sweetest scene to see.

dog jumping into the water
dog jumping into the water

The funny thing was that when Brittney went to thank the neighbor for playing with her dog, she realized that they had been doing that for a while now. She wondered how she never saw that happen before. Apparently, their neighbor had realized that the dog is truly into that game, and decided to make him some company.

Now, the simple game of a fetch has brought friendship to the two families. They like to organize some gatherings, or simply to visit each other when walking by. In addition to that, the dogs of the two families have become true playing buddies. Brittney loves to see that. She believes that the pets are part of their families, and it makes her happy to see Bounder playing so peacefully with his friend. Finally, Bounder will have someone to play with him, rather than asking people to entertain him by playing fetch.

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