The little turtle returned to her old home after 38 years

The Little Turtle includes a foreword letter by an older Martha that Animal World

The little turtle Manuela came back and her owners found her among dusty shelves of her old house

Our first love we can never forget, and this is true even it that love was for our first pet. The memories of the time spent with our pet will remain forever in our mind and heart. Leandro Almeida and his family know something about this experience. In 1982 they had suddenly lost “forever” his little turtle named Manuela. At the time, Leandro was just a little boy, and he loved his pet turtle endlessly. So her sudden loss disappointed him so much.

In 1982, the Almeida family was renovating their home when they lost their turtle. Probably  she was “escaping” through an open door and had never returned. Leandro’s parents told him that it was probably better for little Manuela.  They said that she “returned to Nature” where she came from. However, Leandro was heartbroken.

Time passed, Leandro grew up and started a family of his own, and his parents, unfortunately, passed away. Consequently, Leandro had to return to the old family home where his elderly parents had been living. He cleaned out the house and put their possessions in order.

Even though all those years had passed, Leandro had never completely forgotten his little pet turtle Manuela. She was the first pet he has ever loved in his life.

While he was focused on getting rid of his deceased father’s old and dusty knick-knacks, which had been apparently piled up in a continuous way, Leandro discovered something that he could not believe at all!

In fact, a neighbor had previously told Leandro that they thought they had seen a turtle among his father’s dusty books and shelves!

Leandro had paled at the neighbor’s statement—he could not believe that his little turtle Manuela had been in their family home for 38 years—without anyone having ever noticed that, in the end, she had actually returned home!

Incredible as it may seem, probably Manuela had survived there for at least three decades feeding on the numerous termites and insects that populated the Almeida’s dusty old house!

However, for Leandro, the most important thing is that now, Manuela has finally returned to him – her old friend and original owner, and is already getting to know her new family from one generation to the next!

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