Julie finds an unfamiliar dog in her house: something interesting is going to happen

Julie and Nala's owner Cassie Miller Animal World

Julie and her family have an unexpected guest

A few weeks ago, Julie Thorton Johnson woke up in the morning to something quite unusual. In the bed, right next to her, peacefully laid a completely unfamiliar dog. Julie had no idea whose dog that was and more importantly, how she managed to sneak into the house.

Julie Thorton Johnson woke up in the morning to something quite unusual.

While talking about the incident, she mentioned that she and her husband have three dogs of their own. Therefore, it took a moment for both of them to realize that the dog was not theirs.

It was clear that the puppy was not there to cause any trouble. It had been raining heavily the night before. So Julie assumed that the dog walked in while looking for a shelter to hide from the storm.

Figuring that the pup had owners did not surprise Julie. A stray dog would not make up his mind to walk into the house. Johnson decided to make a Facebook post about their mysterious visitor with the hope of finding them. And sure enough, that worked!

Soon after, a woman replied to the post, letting Julie know that the dog was hers. She told that the dog’s name was Nala. She got lost during a walk the night before the storm. The owners were anxious that something might have happened to her. The woman came to pick her up the following day, and according to her, that was the most heartwarming reunion she had ever seen.

Nala was finally back where she belonged, in the arms of her loving family. At the end of the day, Nala’s unexpected visit ended up not only as a funny story but also happened to be the beginning of a strong friendship between Julie and Nala’s owner Cassie Miller. “If she ever needs a dog sitter, I think we have proven that we can be trusted” she added.

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