A Stray Dog Refuses To Leave His Injured Friend’s side

A Stray Dog Dog Breeds

Betty Walter got a call from her friend about a dog who had been hit by a car.

Betty tried to help by instructing her friend on how to contact people that could rescue the poor dog. She is a huge animal lover and has a lot of experience in rescue and fostering. But she knew that at that time she did not have enough room to take in more dogs. Throughout the whole day, she could not stop thinking about the dog. So when her shift was finally over, she immediately drove to the place where the dog was.Stray Dog

The injured dog was still there, laying on the ground not far from the place where she got hit. But the dog was not alone. Her friend was there to look after her and protect her. He was scaring everyone away who tried to get too close to her. It was clear that the two had a strong bond between them. He desperately wanted her to be alright.

It took Betty quite the time to assure the guarding dog, whom she named Allan, that she was there to help. After a few attempts, they managed to get both of them into the car to take them to the vet.

As soon as Betty saw how strong the bond between them was, she knew that she just had to try to make room for them in her house. She was afraidthat if she did not, no one would want to take both of them in. It is already hard enough to find a foster parent for a big dog like Allan, let along someone who would agree to take care of two.

Couple of days after the vets performed a surgery on White’s broken pelvis, she was already able to go to her new foster home with his best friend. Allan is now technically ready to find his forever home. But he is waiting for White to recover completely, so they do it together.Stray Dog

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