The Story Of Nala, A Three Legged Dog

Nala Legged Dog Dog Breeds

She is very cheerful and energetic. Legged Dog

Nala used to be a stray in Huston, Texas. No one really knows what happened to her leg, but she probably got into a car accident. While injured, Nala wandered into a church where people noticed her and took good care of her. They were able to find a shelter that would take her in. She did not stay in the shelter for long but people there got very attached to her. They loved her with all their hearts, but sadly, could not help her as the shelter was unable to pay for Nala’s leg amputation. They had no choice other than putting her in the euthanization list. Fortunately, the Lance McCullers Foundation stepped in and payed the medical fees for the surgery. Legged Dog

Three Legged Dog
The Story Of Nala, A Three Legged Dog

After the surgery, Nala ended up in a foster home where she stayed nearly a month, before meeting her forever family – Beth. Beth claims the day she first met Nala as the best day of her life. She has always dreamt of having a pit bull and now her dream was finally coming true.

Nala had a though start to life, but now she is one of the happiest dogs out there, living her best life.

Beth says that it is bothering her when people look at her dog with pity, because she believes that there is not a single thing that Nala cannot do that four-legged dogs can. She is very cheerful and energetic. Her favorite thing to do is to play with the sprinklers in Beth’s backyard. She loves looking out the window during the day. She wouldn’t bark, she would just sit there and watch the people passing by with great curiosity. According to Beth, Nala is very opinionated and very strong-willed. Nala has completely changed Beth’s life for the better, and she is very thankful to have her in it.
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