Arlo, a dog who was ‘hardest to place’ worried he’d never find a family

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Arlo almost lost hope of finding a forever-loving family

When Donna Clark heard a black pit bull named Arlo was in need of a temporary home, she knew she was in for a tough ride. She also knew that there was no way she’d turn him down.

Clark, the president of Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue, understands better than anyone how difficult it is to adopt black pit bulls.

She’s not sure why — whether it’s due to superstition or because some people find their looks intimidating — but time after time, black pit bulls have been the most challenging dogs for the shelter to place. Regardless, Clark was going to make it work.

“Good rescues don’t just take on easy-to-place dogs,” Soul 2 Soul wrote in a Facebook post. “They take on an animal in need, no matter what they look like.”

Like many overlooked black pit bulls who’d come to the shelter before him, Arlo had a kind face and a sunny disposition. He didn’t understand why no one wanted him.

“The beautiful, happy personality of black pit bulls and black pit bull mixes can oftentimes get overlooked by what people see on the outside,” Clark said.

When the dog finally found a home, he was so excited. Unfortunately, the match was short-lived — Arlo’s adopters realized the pup was too energetic and playful for their lifestyle and decided to return him.

Clark was devastated to see Arlo back at the shelter again.

“When he got returned from his first adoptive family, our hearts were broken,” Clark said. “It was really hard watching him become depressed and confused as to why he was no longer with them.”

Arlo was placed with an experienced foster mom, who helped get his spirits back up, and eventually, he was ready to try again.

When Arlo finally met his mom, it was immediately clear they were meant to be together. Their stellar connection had been worth the wait.

“Arlo’s new adopter said that she immediately fell in love with his beautiful face and knew she needed to make him a part of her family,” Clark said.

These days, Arlo is enjoying all the perks of family life — running around in the grass with his dog sister and spending lots of quality time with his mom.

“In the end, it was all worth the roller-coaster journey,” Clark said. “Arlo loves his new life, and his mom and fur sister agree that fur color doesn’t matter when you have a dog that’s this awesome, a dog who brings a smile to your heart and your face!”



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