Pit Bull Puppy Had To Wear A Muzzle For Several Months

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After Several Months, Pit Bull Puppy Was Finally Able To Play With Her Friend

Bri tells that they will never know the story of Opal, the pit bull puppy that she met in the shelter. Opal appeared in the shelter with a broken jaw. It was unclear what had happened to her. It was also unknown whether she had a home or not. Most likely, she was a stray dog that was hit by a car, and then, found by the shelter rescuers.

When Bri saw her in the shelter for the first time, she realized how resilient the dog was. She had a muzzle on her jaw, so she had a hard time eating, barking, or playing. But despite all that, she was overly patient. Bri knew she wanted to foster Opal. She wanted to make sure this little buddy received all the care and affection she needed. Also, Bri would be happy to introduce her to Duke, her own pit bull.

The minute Duke saw Opal in their house, he felt so affectionate towards her. He knew Opal had an injury, and he was just a puppy. Bri tells that the hardest thing was keeping these two apart, as at that point, Opal needed some space. If Bri allowed them to play together, Opal could make accidental movements that would further damage her jaw. That was why Duke and Opal needed to communicate with each other only from different sides of the fence for three days. During all that time, Duke kept asking Bri to let her out.

Once Opal was able to play with Duke, the two became inseparable. It looked like Duke had found his soulmate. Bri likes to say that Opal is Duke’s dog. But at that time, there was another problem. Duke was convinced that the muzzle on Opal’s face was unnecessary, so he kept doing his best to pull it off.

After several months, they finally were able to take the muzzle off Opal’s jaw. To celebrate that day, they all went to the pet store to pick up all the toys Opal wanted. Since then, Opal finally started to show her real personality, running around and having fun like an ordinary dog. Bri realized that she could not separate Opal and Duke. The only thing she could do was to adopt Opal as well.

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