The Journey Of A Rescue Dog Becoming The Happiest Puppy Ever

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Rescue Dog stay with her and Felon for a while

Gina has always wanted to save a dog that really needed help. After some research, she realized that people are least likely to adopt pit bulls. This was how she decided to give one a chance.The Rescue dog she ended up adopting was in horrible condition. Gina felt terrible for him, when she found out that people had been using him for dogfights, leaving him with wounds all over his body, old and new. The physical could heal, but the emotional pain was the hardest to get through.

She named the dog Felon and decided to do her best to make him feel safe again. At first he was very scared of everyone, including Gina. He would snap and growl at her if she got too close to him. But no matter how hard it was with Felon, she was not going to give up on him. She had an idea of getting him a friend, hoping that it would cheer him up a little bit.

Gina asked her father to let his senior god stay with her and Felon for a while. The plan worked! Felon came out of his little corner in Gina’s room, and let her take him for a walk for the very first time. She noticed how much of a difference the presence of another dog made, and thought that maybe she needed to adopt another puppy.

Gina took Felon with her to the animal shelter and out of all the dogs there he noticed Envy from the last kennel. Felon just turned into a completely different dog with Envy. He had never liked playing outside, but he started to run around in the backyard with Envy every day. She really helped him to loosen up and he became more comfortable.

Gina says that her dogs brought so much joy into her life for what she is thankful every day.

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