Jon the kind dog finds something new to bring mom in her office

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Jon Snow makes everyone happy by the gifts that he bring to her mom at the office

Jon Snow started going to work with his mom in February of 2021. Ever since then, it’s been his favorite thing. He loves making friends with all of her coworkers and exploring the office. And, earlier this year, he also started going on office treasure hunts.

Jon’s mom, Heidy Lopez, works at a moving company in Illinois. People always get rid of a lot of stuff when they’re moving, and a lot of it ends up temporarily in the company’s warehouse. Earlier this year, while Jon was exploring, he discovered the warehouse, and decided that the best way to thank his mom for all of the fantastic trips to the office was to bring her treasures.

Now, every time Jon is in the office, he heads over to the warehouse, looks through all of the treasures and drags whatever he chooses back to mom’s desk. He gave her every kind of treasure imaginable, big and small, cute and weird. Everyone is always waiting to see what he’ll bring her next.

“He is incredibly proud of his treasures,” Lopez told. “He enjoys every single thing he brings. It’s so cute. I’d have to say the strangest and most hilarious was an orthopedic boot. It was funny and gross at the same time.”

Jon’s treasures are never straightforward. He brought his mom a hose, a rocking horse, a step stool, a cooler, a basketball hoop and so much more. His mom once heard a ton of banging and assumed Jon had found something big and was dragging it to her. It was a sled. Jon’s treasures are definitely never boring.

When Jon is searching for treasures in the warehouse, another employee, Frank, is always around to supervise. He often helps Jon and then follows him back to his mom’s desk. He’s also usually the one who then has to drag Jon’s treasures back to the warehouse once he’s shown them off to his mom — and the rest of the office, too.

“Everyone here enjoys watching Jon schlep his treasures,” Lopez said. “It’s everyone’s highlight of the day!”

Jon loves his trips to his mom’s office so much, and he just wants to make sure she knows that. Some dogs would do this by giving lots of their mom kisses. For Jon, he does it by bringing her things people have thrown away. To each their own.

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