Foster Mom Finds Out The Dog Was Deaf After Two Months

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Foster Mom Someone kept the dog chained outside with hardly any supervision.

Journey is a dog who did not have the best life until he was taken under foster care. Someone kept the dog chained outside with hardly any supervision. There was a small fence that marked his spot to stay. However, there was no roof or enclosure to protect him from rain or cold. Journey had a reputation of a dangerous dog in the neighborhood. However, all he did to receive that label was barking loudly. His behavior might have been a bit odd sometimes, as he liked to stare at people. But never did he show any aggression.Finds Dog

Journey got placed in a shelter after an uncertain amount of time spent outside. Here, the conditions were better, but still, it was not what he deserved. He needed to stay in a cage for almost the entire day. When Nicole knew about Journey’s story, she knew she wanted to foster him and show him the life that the dog never had.

Finds Out The Dog,Foster Mom Finds Out The Dog Was Deaf After Two Months
Foster Mom Finds Out The Dog

Foster Mom Nicole says that every single day with Journey was incredible. Journey was the funniest, and most affectionate dog. He loved walks, because he did not get the chance of wandering outside for years. He especially loved playing in the snow. But he got cold more easily than most dogs, so after diving in a pile of snow, he would run back home to cover himself in blankets. Another funny thing about Journey was that he could not distinguish between people and their reflections. Therefore, barking at people’s reflection in the microwave was nothing unusual for him.

But the fact that Journey liked to stare at objects and people that much made Nicole a bit concerned. When she took the dog to the vet center, she could have never guessed that the dog would appear to be deaf. That explained a lot – why the neighbors did not like his loud barking, why he thought the reflections were actual people and why he had such excellent eyesight.

Nicole Foster Mom was unable to give Journey to another family. Within the two months she had bonded with Journey, and now, as she knows Journey needs special care, she is more than willing to keep him in their family forever.

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