This Kitten Has A Collection Of Freshness Seals

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Every Time Ollie Sees A Milk Package, He Is Ready To Steal The Freshness Seals

There is one thing that the cat named Ollie loves more than anything else. It is the freshness seals from the milk packages. In fact, he has an entire collection of them, and cherishes every single one he finds.

Everything started the day when Callie, Ollie’s owner, decided to through the seal to him and play catch. Ollie loved the game, and they ended up playing for a good half an hour. Once he caught the seal, he would throw it back to Callie. Once the game was over, Ollie refused to give the seal back to Callie. He took his new favorite toy with him, and started to play on his own.

Ollie also has a brother, Zero. But despite his crazy and restless personality, he does not see anything special in freshness seals. From the very first day, Zero would observe Ollie’s obsession. And the more he watched him the more confusing Ollie’s behavior seemed to him.

But Ollie thought that having only one seal was not fun at all. That was when he came up with his new habit – stealing freshness seals every time he spotted a package of milk in Callie’s grocery bag. Ollie never misses a chance to ask Callie to play a bit with him before he takes the new seal into his collection. But Callie says it is not always possible. Unfortunately, sometimes she needs to refuse Ollie, and ask him to play on his own.

Nevertheless, having a new addition to his collection already brightens up his day. Callie tells that the funny thing about Ollie is that he has not one, but several spots in the house where he like to store parts of his collection. He does it, because he wants to have some seals by his side whenever he wants to play, no matter where he is.

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