Gracie the cat drags mom out of bed for incredible surprise

Gracie is our newest kitty Cat Breeds

Gracie the proud rescue cat had a sweet surprise for her mom

Lately, whenever Gracie approaches her mom, Zoey Chelf, it’s for one very important reason. The 11-month-old cat wants to show off her proudest accomplishments. And she’ll literally nibble on Chelf’s hand and tug on her to follow. Gracie started this hand-pulling routine months ago during a vulnerable time when she needed comfort.

“She was about halfway through her pregnancy when I took her in, and she actually bit my toes and pulled my blanket off to tell me it was time,” Chelf told. “She followed me when I tried to give her space to have her birth naturally, so when I stayed with her, she finally settled down so she could do it.”

The proud mom recently gave birth to four boys and four girls, and she loves to take Chelf in to see them.

“She pulls me to see them often. Also, she comes to me throughout the day and will meow or nibble me to follow her to check them out. She likes me to sit with her and pet her while she nurses.”

“She has been an amazing mother to all of her babies,” Chelf said. “Her entire birth was very smooth and incredible to watch.”

The former stray, who once lived in a storm drain, is a natural when it comes to parenting.

Gracie is a fantastic mom,” Chelf said. “She stays with her kittens the majority of the day. And when she’s not with them, she’s lying with me. She snuggles with them and it is the cutest thing!”

Gracie and her babies are safe from the streets, but it’s Chelf who credits the mama cat for becoming an integral part of her life. When the kittens are old enough, they will be ready to find loving homes of their own.

“She has been an incredible addition to our family,” Chelf said. “She’s made me laugh, gives me a sense of purpose caring for her and her kittens, she snuggles with me when she hears me cry. She’s honestly a perfect cat, and I couldn’t be more thankful. I definitely think our paths crossed for a reason.”

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